三島由樹 (みしまよしき) 
代表取締役 / ランドスケープ・デザイナー 
1979年 東京生まれ。慶應義塾大学環境情報学部卒業。
東京大学大学院工学系研究科都市工学専攻助教の職を経て、2015年 株式会社フォルクを設立。



Yoshiki MISHIMA is the Founder of F O L K , Inc. Yoshiki focuses on retooling the practice of landscape architecture relative to cultural and ecological design which he has explored through his activities and projects.

Yoshiki graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Design from Keio University and earned a Master in Landscape Architecture from the Graduate School of Design at Harvard University. He was a designer in Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates. His academic appointments include Visiting Lecturer at the University of Tokyo, Chiba University, Japan Women's University, and Waseda University.

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金子結花 (かねこゆか) 
ランドスケープ・デザイン・ディレクター / 野原デザイナー
1986年 東京生まれ。慶應義塾大学 大学院 政策・メディア研究科修了。
第一園芸株式会社にて大使館の庭などの造園設計や装飾を担当。その後、株式会社DAISHIZENにてランドスケープ設計の職を経て、2018年 株式会社フォルクに入社。

Yuka KANEKO is a director and meadow designer working at F O L K , Inc. 

Yuka earned a Master in the Graduate School of Media and Governance at Keio University. She was a designer in Daiichi-Engei Co., Ltd and DAISHIZEN, Inc.. 

川崎光克 (かわさきみつよし)


1993年 北海道生まれ。東北大学工学部建築社会環境工学科卒業。

2017年1月-7月、AL BORDE ARQUITECTOS(エクアドル)にてインターンを経て、




Mitsuyoshi KAWASAKI is a junior architect working at F O L K, Inc.  

He was born in Kamifurano, Hokkaido, Japan and graduated with a bachelor degree in department of architecture and civil engineering at Tohoku University and earned a Master degree as Environmental Studies at the University of Tokyo.

He worked as an internship at AL BORDE, architecture design office in Quito, Ecuador. When he was in Ecuador, he joined participatory architecture projects in some communities that were damaged by the earthquake of 2016. In his thesis,  he did research on Design-Build education and community support.

金田ゆりあ (かねだゆりあ) 

1994年 鹿児島生まれ。慶應義塾大学総合政策学部卒業。


Yuria KANEDA is a design intern at F O L K , Inc.
Born in Kagoshima in 1994, Yuria graduated from Keio University, Faculty of Policy Management, and currently a candidate for Master of Media and Governance. Majoring in  Design Research, in her graduation research project, she conducted research on  vacant houses in Kaga City, Ishikawa Prefecture. Currently, she researches on owners of vacant houses and holds exhibitions and tidying up events for vacant houses.

三木つばさ (みきつばさ)
1998年 奈良生まれ東京育ち。早稲田大学創造理工学部(社会環境工学科 景観・デザイン研究室)卒業。卒業研究では、都市河川が中央を流れている首都高速道路高架下の広場の設計を通して、「人々が土木に近づく」空間を提案した。

Tsubasa MIKI is a designer at F O L K , Inc.
Born in Nara in 1998 and raised in Tokyo, Tsubasa graduated from Waseda University, Faculty of Science and Engineering. While at Waseda, she belonged to the landscape and civic design lab.
In her graduation project, she redesigned a park which is located under the Metropolitan Expressway and has an urban river flowing in the center. In the design, she wanted to create a public space that would get people closer to infrastructure.

山本敬子 (やまもとけいこ)


1978年 愛知県生まれ。慶應義塾大学総合政策学部卒業。

U-Landscape Design 株式会社を経て、株式会社フォルクを共同設立。子供二人の育児をしながら植栽のデザインと施工、メンテナンスを担当している。

Keiko YAMAMOTO is a planting designer working at F O L K, Inc.

Keiko graduated from Keio University, Faculty of Policy Management. Working as a designer at U - Landscape Design, Inc., she co-founded FOLK where Keiko is in charge of planting design, construction and maintenance.